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Chad Durbin

I read this morning that I believe Peter Gammons put out a report that Chad Durbin might be returning to the Phillies- please tell me that is just a bad rumor started by Durbin’s agent who is hoping to get some other team to up their offer.  Even on a minor league contract, Durbin is not the right move for the Phillies- particularly since Charlie Manuel, with his love for old players, will find it hard to actually see Durbin for what he is (a pitcher who it seems lets up runs every time he comes into an important situation) rather than giving one of the young pitchers such as Bastardo or Herndon or Stutes a chance.  Phils never should have resigned Romero, who we all know will do nothing but issue walks in key appearances, and need to tell Baez to get out of town.  The bullpen is clearly the weakpoint for the Phillies- hopefully with the starting staff they won’t need anyone beyond Madson and Lidge very often, but when they do, let’s not cost the team games with the same tired arms who hurt the team last year.