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Domonic/Bill Conlin

I’ve waited a day to respond since reading the article by Bill Conlin, a writer I generally respect given his long history in the profession and although I don’t always agree, I can see where he is coming from.  However, his bashing of Domonic Brown, and his already taking to calling him a bust is ridiculous.  Not sure why Conlin is so cranky already- looks like a fairly relaxed atmosphere for him down there.  His story didn’t even make sense as he compared Brown to Mike Anderson, a1973 prospect who was only a bust because he got beaned and became afraid to stay in on curveballs.  I’m definitely a Brown supporter, but recognize he might have to go to AAA this year to start- even Brown himself said that.  But that doesn’t make him a bust- and to make that judgement based on early, early at bats- ridiculous and does a disservice to Brown as it feeds into the minority of Phils fans who for some reason enjoy player’s failures rather than providing him support in what is certainly a disappointing and uncomfortable early March.  I anticipate that this weekend or early next week Brown will start to hit the ball again, and in a couple weeks everyone will be wondering what the concern was about- but if not, and he has to go back to the minors to start the year- no big deal and it doesn’t make him a bust, just a young player still learning to make the most of his incredible talent.