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Domonic Brown- Let him play

Read a quote today from Domonic Brown that I really hope Charlie Manuel reads and takes to heart.  Here is Brown talking about why he has been in Clearwater ever since he left Winter Ball from an article by Bob Brookover in Philadelphia Inquirer:

“I wanted to come to Clearwater and work on my swing because I know I had a lot of kinks that weren’t there before.  Coming off the bench kind of messed me up as far as my swing and what I was used to doing every day”

To me, the Phillies have only two choices, and the option they should choose is clear.  First, no way Brown should be a part-time player- sitting against a really tough lefthander, yes, but other than that either he plays almost full-time in right field or you send him to AAA to play every day.  If I had a say in the matter (wow, it would be great to be a GM) I’d tell Manuel- Brown is the right fielder- make sure he gets 450+ at bats- don’t sit him down just because he has a bad game or three.  I can’t see that he has much more that he can learn in AAA- we all know he can hit that pitching.  I am amazed, but I guess not surprised, by how quickly people seemed to have turned on Brown because of struggles in a very brief time in the majors with no consistent playing time.  Yes, Brown struck out a lot, yes his average was low, but that has happened to many players who went on to have great, even hall of fame careers.  For example, the best Phillies player of all time, Mike Schmidt, started his Major League career in 1972, with 40 plate appearances.  In those appearances, Schmidt hit .206, with 1 HR, and struck out 15 times.  In 1973, in 443 plate appearances, Schmidt hit .196, with 136 strike outs, but increased his power to 18 hrs.  We all know what happened after that.  Will Brown be a Hall-of Famer- the odds are of course against it, but he has all the skills to be one of the best rightfielders ever for the Phillies, with a little patience from Phils fans and more importantly Charlie Manuel.