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Jimmy Rollins

I’ve read a lot this winter about Jimmy Rollins and his new Yoga exercise routine.  Great that he is doing something to hopefully forestall additional injuries that have marred what was a great career until two years ago.  Just wonder what he was (or more appropriately wasn’t) doing the other offseasons.  You would think that athletes, knowing how much money is out there, and realizing they only have a short window for potential greatness, would do everything they could to be in the best physical shape possible.  I’m not saying they can’t take a few weeks off in December to refresh, but come on, how hard is it to get to the gym three/four times a week, lift some light weights, do some stretching- the things the average person tries to do even when they aren’t earning $9 million a year (don’t even get me started on Pablo Sandoval- wow, lay off the ribs kid!!)  Interesting to see if Yoga really has helped- and as a Phillies and Jimmy Rollins fan, I really hope it has.  It would be exciting to see the old Rollins out there, he added so much energy and excitement when he did play regularly. 


Now, where he hits in the lineup is a different story.  I know he wants to hit leadoff, but according to statistics, doesn’t get on base enough to be a true leadoff hitter (plus, he drives me crazy with his penchant for swinging at the first pitch).  However, moving him to the sixth/seventh spot doesn’t help much since the Phillies don’t really have a true leadoff type- Shane looks like he should be, has the speed to drive pitchers crazy when he gets on base, but based on his performance when he was leading off, he doesn’t perform any better than Rollins did when he was healthy in 2007-2009.  I say, let Jimmy stay on top, put Victorino in the 5th spot, with Brown hitting 6th and Ibanez 7th, and somehow get Rollins to understand it doesn’t hurt the team to walk versus grounding to second to start off every game.  Should be a great offense again if the players avoid injuries.