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Scott Mathieson

Scott Mathieson has been a Phillies prospect I’ve followed closely for the past several years and really hoped he would recover from his two Tommy John surgeries to be the player it looked like he could be back in 2006.  Not sure why he has been one of my favorite minor league Phillies- probably his perseverance and seemingly positive attitude in the face of serious injuries twice just went it looked like he could become a full-time major league player.  I know he has worked on a splitter with Bruce Sutter, although from an article in the newspaper today, not sure how well it is actually working for him as he still seems interested in developing his slider.  It would be a great testament to hard work and dedication if he made the team this year, although I suspect they will send him back to Lehigh Valley to work for at least few months on his splitter.  Anxious to see how he looks once the games start.