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Luis Castillo/John Mayberry

Okay, I get it now- Castillo is in camp to make those of us who were dreading seeing Valdez out at 2B everyday realize the other horrible option.  Come on Amaro- what are you thinking?  Why waste time that could be spent further evaluating Martinez, Barfield, and Young on a 35-year old who fields worse than Utley does while Utley is sitting on a lawn chair.  And, it’s not like Castillo is covering his defense through superior offense- he is weaker than Valdez, has no speed (Ruiz might beat him in a race) or power, and clogs up the bases when he does get on with one of his weak singles.  Yes, I know there is no risk from a cost perspective, but there are lots of other risks, the biggest one being that Manuel with his consistent bias for old players over younger ones, even when the younger ones are clearly better, will view him with rose-colored glasses and convince Amaro to keep Castillo around.  The Phillies would be much better off with a platoon of Valdez and Barfield at 2B and Martinez as backup 2B/SS.  Looks to me like Martinez, who I have to admit I watched play often 2 years ago when he was with the Potomac Nationals and was not impressed, has really improved and could be the SS to take over next year for Rollins.  Castillo, certainly not a long-term option, should not stand in the way of that so, I hate to say it, but I really hope he stinks so much that even Manuel can’t choose him over the others.


As for Mayberry- as much as I would enjoy seeing him continue the good hitting he displayed at the start of camp, I suspect he is more like the player we have seen over the last few games- lots of strikeouts, with a power shot thrown in every so often. Maybe if they play him a few games a week rather than just allowing him to pinch hit he will get a bit better, but to expect anything more would be unrealistic-which is why I suspect the Phillies will continue to watch the waiver wire for a veteran outfielder- just please don’t let it be Rowand.


Can’t wait for the season- only 8 days until the real games begin.