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What to do with Joe Blanton

Well, as we start Spring Training (YAY!!!) one of the biggest questions surrounding the Phils is what to do with overpaid innings-eater Joe Blanton.  Now, that probably does a disservice to Blanton, who, at times, has pitched very well for the Phillies.  But, I’m sure, like most of us, Amaro wishes he had not signed off on the 3-year deal for Blanton, and realizes the best thing for all is to find a willing trade partner- and no, that isn’t the Texas Rangers and Michael Young.  My recommendation, mainly because it makes the most sense, is for the Phils to trade Blanton to Toronto for Juan Rivera.  Rivera makes a little more than $5 million this year, and would be off the books next year, saving $3 million this year and the whole $8.5 owed Blanton for next year.  Toronto could certainly use a veteran presence, and have the money after somehow getting the not-so-bright Tony Reagins in Anaheim to take Wells and his incredibly bad contract.  Rivera would be a better 4th/5th outfield option than Mayberry (no way he ever hits a major league breaking ball) and could provide surprising offense based on some good offense output in the not so distant past.  The only other real option I see for a trade of Blanton right now is the Yankees, but I can’t see the Yankees viewing Blanton as much of an upgrade.  What do you all think?